Needed Advice on a Video Editing & Rendering/Gaming Build


I would like some advice on my video editing, rendering and gaming pc build.

First I would like a processor at least 3.5Ghz with overclocking options.
I would like a graphics card with ideally 2gb graphics. 1gb is ok if I should sacrifice 2gb.
I would like a 1tb hard drive and at least 120gb of SSD disk space.
I would like a WiFi card.
I need a monitor with HD graphics.
I would ideally run Windows 8.1 Core edition (to save money).
I also would like a gaming keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. First of all, how much is your budget? Second, which country do you live in?
  3. I live in Australia and my budget is under $1000. Ideally I would like the build to be $900. A bit over $1000 will be ok. I would also like an optical drive.

    Another question... If I used this build for audio editing as well, shall I also have a sound card?
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