Can i use a pwm splitter to control 3pin case fans woth the cpu 4pin header??

The motherboard is a msi gaming 7 wich seems to only have 2 4pin fan conectors for the cpu and the rest is 3pin. Can i use a pwm splitter to connect all 3pin fans to the 4pin cpu so that it automaticly controls it with the settings i choose???
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  1. Yes - 3 and 4 pin connectors are interchangeable. 3 pin fans change speed by adjusting voltage - from the motherboard, with a controller or with a resistor.
  2. Dont use the CPU header for system fans

    3 pin fans are controllable by regulaing voltage. 4 pin fans can be regulating by software settings.

    If your motherboard has built in fan control on the 3pin then just use that.
  3. New mobos will use all 4 pin connectors. You can then use PWM or Voltage control.
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    Here's your answer

    Connect your CPU cooler to 1st PWM header

    Be advised, a 4 pin mobo CHA header does not necessarily mean the header is PWM.... on Z87, definitely not .... on Z97 most likely yes.

    Connect this bugger to your 2 nd PWM header

    Connect all your 3 pin fans to the hub
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