have new hdd wd1tb win7 says it needs driver.. wont install without it?

just bought a new hdd western digital 1Tb to put in asus u52f laptop. i have win7 on usb, it (ms) try to install win7 but hangs saying it needs a driver, it does not show the drive.. i downloaded a driver pack but it does no good.
the old hdd is dual boot w/ #!
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  1. Is the BIOS of the laptop showing the new hard drive? When Windows is asking for a driver - it isn't detecting a usable drive or partition to install Windows.
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    Hey there, kc0mjp!

    As @ronintexas mentioned, Windows asks for it, because it needs a location to install OS.
    Did you partition and format the drive, before trying to install Windows on it?
    If not, here's a link that you might find useful:
    How partition and format a WD drive on Windows:
    The OS fails to recognize a WD drive:

    Hope this helps you! Keep me posted! :)
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