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So, i have a AMD Athlon 4600+ 2.39, and i want to overclock it, but in the Bios doesn't say anythin,ANYTHING about OC, updated bios and everythink, but no. Some help please?
PS: Motherboard L MICRO-STAR International CO.LTD MS-7367
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, only them' old processors are locked, unless you've got black edition... if there is such a thing for athlon. I remember overclocking my old 2500+ to 3200+ by increasing the fsb frequency from 166 to 200MHz, but it wasn't very stable...
  2. Yes, it's a old processor, that's why i want to make a small OC... can you help me? PS:There is no black edition...
  3. Like I said, up the front side bus frequency, that's all you can OC. That is the only way, if it crashes, cut the power, pull the BIOS battery for a few minutes, put it back in then try again. If it never boots again, not my fault, understood?
  4. How can i change bus freq? In my Bios menu doesn't show A THING.
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    It sounds to me like your motherboard doesn't support overclocking. It should have the option to increase cpu (fsb) frequency, voltage and memory divider.

    Also, do you have a Manchester, Toledo, Windsor, Windsor 2 (lower tdp)...Socket 939 or AM2?

    With that way of overclocking, your ram also raises its speed with the speed of the cpu, so you need to lower the divider of the ram before you overclock the front side bus (FSB), unless you want to blow your ram...

    You would also want an aftermarket cooler on your cpu.

    An example using Toledo 90nm (I still have my socket 939 4800+ rig, semi retired);

    V core = 1.3V / 1.35V
    Maximum operating temperature = 55°C - 70°C

    If you see a lower Vcore (1.1 or whatever) then Cool N Quiet is enabled.

    You would have to disable Cool N Quiet and manually set Cpu voltage to at least 1.35 and raise FSB in increments of 5 toward 233 which would give you about 2800Mhz. I would test each 5 FSB increment upward with a 20 minute run of Prime 95 running in blend mode with HWMonitor open on the desktop monitoring the min/max temps and voltages.

    As said before, whenever you raise FSB the ram speed will increase also and depending on the ram; the ram speed will not likely go beyond about DDR 440 which in the ram tab of CPUz would read about 220Mhz. So you should drop the ram divider to 166/DDR333 as you start your FSB increasing process. Dropping the ram divider will keep the ram closer to its' rated speed as the FSB increases and the CPU speed increases.

    Then it becomes a trial and error process for voltage increases between your board and your cooling and your cpu and your ram to see how far above the 2.8Ghz you can go.

    Welcome to locked multiplier overclocking! ;)
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