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The location of System error memory dump files

When I run Disk cleanup and check the System error memory dump files, it runs but the next time the same number is shown, therefore, it doesn't clean them. It's a Disk cleanup problem, yes, but it's another story, although I would like some help with that too. Anyway, I would like to find these files and delete them manually. Thanks
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  1. Windows puts the Memory.DMP file in the windows folder. Hope this helps
  2. I can't find the file, but thank you for the fast reply anyway.
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    Click on start button and in search box type Disk Cleanup. In the search results list that pops up right click Disk Cleanup and from the context menu that appears click on 'Run as administrator'. Select drive you want to clean and check off memory dump files and anything else you want cleaned and try it again. Worked for me.
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