What motherboard should I get for gaming 2014-2015 ?

Gonna build it in July-August 2014.

MSI Z97-Gaming 7 or Gigabyte Z97-Gaming 7 ?

optical digital is a MUST !

my build

feel free to to tell me about other motherboards that are better than these two with the same price range, THANKS !!!
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  1. MSI Z97-Gaming 7. i have found gigabyte mobos are not very reliable
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  3. pearcenc said:
    MSI Z97-Gaming 7. i have found gigabyte mobos are not very reliable

    how come aren't the gigabyte ones reliable ?
  4. they die, maybe it is just me. but i have had 2 different gigabyte board die, they could never tell me why they died. but the msi/asrock/asus board i have used under the same condition never died
  5. While I still kinda think my friend shocked the board when he touched it even though I told him not too, my gigabyte z77 board died (Boots for 1 second and turns off and repeat, BIOS reset did not work). Even though they claim to have anti-static/surge, It sure as hell doesn't seem like it because of what happened.
    On a side note: Lucky, I had already upgraded to an Asus Maximus VI Formula z87 w/ an i7 4770K, the board costed me about a little over 200 which kinda pissed me off for the fact that I could have sold it.

    EDIT: All hardware comboed with the board would work with it because they were pretty much all the same hardware except the RAM but, I tested the same exact RAM when that motherboard when it was actually my primary running one.
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