Bad Pool Caller Error - Blue Screen of the Death

Hello !

I've got problems with a computer using Windows 7. The problem is that it prompts error "BAD POOL CALLER". I've dont some research on this and I found out that ".dmp" files are needed in order to resolve the problem. Here are the ".dmp" files:


The problem is that I can't read them...Thank you for your help, beforehand !!! :)
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    update your Intel 5100 wifi
    here is a link to the intel driver update tool (or you can search for the network driver there also)

    you might also be able to get the driver from your motherboard vendor site (dell)
    if the device came with the machine
    BIOS Release Date 01/25/2011

    Manufacturer Dell Inc.
    Product 0WXY9J
    Version A12
    Product Name Inspiron N5010
    Version A12

    Note: this error could also be caused by memory corruption by Bad RAM, BIOS settings, or another driver corrupting memory
    but start with the update to the driver first, reboot and see if you still have the problem.

    BugCheck C2, {7, 109b, 4100003, fffffa80042e52a0}

    bug is cause by the driver
    Timestamp: Wed Mar 17 22:21:53 2010

    Basically it messed up and tried to free the same memory block twice. First time was ok, the second time it was not the owner of the memory block anymore so windows called a bugcheck.

    looks like the second bugcheck is related to the first, most likely a bug in the Ethernet driver
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