Does C2Duo E7400 Bottlenecks GTX 750 Ti?

Hello Guys I just want to ask
If ill upgrade my VCard to GTX 750 Ti will my E7400 CPU bottleneck the GTX 750 Ti? If so will it damage the GTX 750 Ti?
This is my Current PC Specs as of now:

Core 2 Duo E7400
4GB DDR2 Ram
Intel DG41RQ MoBo
2x500GB HDD

This Christmas 2014 Im choosing if ill upgrade to these one:
i3-4160 3.6ghz = 5,250 Pesos
Asrock H81m-VG4 = 2,150 Pesos
FSP HPN-Series Power Supply 600watts = 2,100 Pesos
Apotop Memory 2x4gb DDR3-1600Mhz = 3,300 Pesos

or these one but my current PC Specs will remain for about 6-7 months before upgrading to above specs

GTX 750 Ti = 6,600 Pesos

I would like to hear your suggestions & recommendations please :D
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    No the lower performing cpu will not harm your gpu in any way, the performance jump you will see when you get the new system should be quite noticeable.
  2. The CPU should be OK - just - with the GTX750Ti

    The GTX750Ti would be fine with a good quality 500W PSU. Try yo get one from tiers 1, 2a or 2b of

    The i3 will be much better than the e 7400
  3. It will be GAME DEPENDING but most probably yes, your CPU will struggle when you turn up graphic settings killing frame rate (bottleneck). There will be no damage to the GPU (graphics card) or CPU. If you have a CPU and GPU monitor (open hardware monitor is good) then you will see it in gaming. Turning down some settings will reduce bottleneck until you get a better CPU
  4. So what is the better choice will i get the new components without the GTX 750 Ti or Ill get the GTX 750 Ti and wait at leash 6-7 months before upgrading the components.
  5. Hey Guys what is the better choice?
  6. I've got no idea of your budget, where you want to buy from or how much stuff costs.

    You should get the 750Ti then later upgrade the rest.
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