Hey guys, I need help choosing a mouse and keyboard

Hey, I was looking at possible options for new mouse and keyboard. These will be used for minecraft survival games mainly.

Keyboard: Mainly used for gaming and schoolwork, looking for quiet cherry mx red around $100 USD, no leds. (Preferably with a #pad, but exeptions can be made.)

Potential canidates

Mouse: Something wide and short (like the steelseries sensei RAW, with the texture of a g100s + very light click)
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    Definitely the best choice here is the noppoo Lolita, it is a non-LED keyboard with cherry mx Reds and is not that expensive either. Keys feel great to the touch. Recommend this highly. Hope this was helpful :pt1cable:
  2. Filco are a rolls royce of keyboards. Get one second hand and get a rolls royce instead of a nissan.
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