CD/DVD drive stopped reading discs suddenly

My DVD drive just will not read discs anymore.
It was working last week and then it just stopped working.
Here is my drive:
Worst case scenario I will have to buy a new one.
In the device manager menu there are tiny little yellow signs with exclamation points on them next to the DVD drive icons.
Need help with troubleshooting.
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  1. I too have this issue. The drive was working fine for about a year but i just re-installed my OS onto an SSD and have the same issue. It has to be software based....
    My thread didn't get any replies :/
  2. Is it showing a code 19 under the dvd in device manager??

    If it is, there's something installed thats added itself to the lower/upperfilters entries in the registry. This will stop dvds from working
  3. Yes it is a code 19, i tried those steps. All i got was a broken OS installation and had to restore from a system image.
  4. Dont think that would have broken anything. It would have been on the system already
  5. I tried to 'manually fix registry errors', followed instructions by the letter. Restarted like it said to find my system restoring from an image. I can only assume it broke my OS installation.
  6. Must have deleted the wrong things.. Run the fixit if its still not working
  7. I did, did nothing too.
  8. Grab a new one.

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  9. That wont fix it if theres a code 19 error

    Replace the hardware. As a last resort, you might need to replace the hardware that has the Code 19 error.
  11. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Replace the hardware. As a last resort, you might need to replace the hardware that has the Code 19 error.

    The drive is Identical. It was functioning without an issue for nearly a year. It isn't a problem with the hardware?
  12. Could be , my son had the same model died in 6 months.

    Plugged in a new one fired right up no errors.
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