Will Fifa 15 work on the Asus AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

I am not in a situation to purchase any expensive GPUS at the moment, but later on I will be getting a good one. The only game I play is Fifa 15, so was wondering if this GPU will function the game, even if it is on the lowest settings. I don't want to spend then alot on a GPU if I am only going to be playing play Fifa 15. My current ATI Radeon Series 4800 series is a DX10 card and it doesn't support DX11 games. ATI RadeonHD 5450 supports DX11 games (correct me if I am wrong on that) so I thought it would be the best buy at that rate.
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  1. Fifa 15 is much improved than 14 and uses much resources, yes 5450 supports DX11 but it is an ancient card and may not run Fifa 15 at much high settings.
  2. Thanks Nick, Will it Fifa 15 stall or lag if I play the game using very low settings?
  3. I can't say for sure. But as Fifa 14 is playable on inbuilt GPUs (intel 3000) then it must work for you. You may get a descent card later :)
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    Radeon 5450 performance is equivalent to that of the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, so I suppose you will be able to play Fifa 15 fluently at low settings on 1366x768 or maybe medium settings if you decrease the resolution. You can refer to the "Intel HD 3000" column in the table presented in the this article to see which other games you can play with your video card.

    If you want to enjoy Fifa 15 at its fullest I recommend you upgrade your video card to something like Radeon 250x or GeForce 750 at least.
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