Media server CPU/Mobo Suggestions?

Anyone have an Suggestions for a Relatively inexpensive CPU motherboard Combo for a Media server? From what I've read most people don't believe that you need it to be crazy powerful to stream from, however I would also like to use this to hook up to my main Television and watch movies on it. Anyone have any suggestions for components to add? I'm hoping to keep the price low so that I can use the bulk of the money on HD space.
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  1. If you are just watching ripped DVDs or streaming Netflix - you don't need much....Any dual/quad core AMD with 4GB/8GB RAM works great.

    I am using this:

    ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M
    AMD A10-5800:
    8GB of RAM
    2TB HDD (recording TV shows)

    This machine streams to an XBOX 360 for "whole house DVR" solution.
  2. I was told Plex is a good Suggestion to be able to stream, and Makemkv and Handbrake are pretty good options to Rip and shrink the files?
  3. Handbrake is the "top pick" for most people. Plex is nice as well.

    Depending on how many devices you plan to stream to - I would build the machine with 1 CPU core per concurrent HD stream, and 1.5GB of RAM per concurrent HD stream (if you had 8 devices, but no more than 3 are connected one time - you would need a quad core with 6GB of RAM - the operating system also needs about 1.5GB of RAM and 1 core.).
  4. This board is mostly Windows Media Center - but they are the best out there for HTPC discussions.
  5. Im missing the actual board you linked Ron do you have an actual Board #?
  6. That is the link to the main board. Try this link:
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