AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition Overclock

So I have the AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition C3 with an ASUS M3A78-em motherboard board and 800mhz DDR2 ram.

Being the curious computer nerd who's never really had a set up worth overclocking, I am dying to learn how. I am thinking I will try out the CPU Overdrive program just to see if it makes overclocking easier, but as far as in bios, I have all stock setting right now. What values do I change to get it overclocked to a "stable" position?
Until the first, I have the stock cooler, I may screw around a little until I get an after market one though.
What kind of cooler should I get?
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    Ah, classic CPU! Great memories. However, that motherboard is going to take all the fun out of it. :(
    It's an older model that was reworked to support AM2+ CPUs. Your Phenom is an AM3 chip. It will work, but the performance will degrade.

    As far as overclocking goes, you can adjust a few things to make your CPU faster.
    CPU frequency is: base clock * cpu ratio
    Base clock is usually 200 MHz to start.
    CPU ratio sets how much faster the CPU runs.

    With that CPU, your CPU ratio (or clock multiplier) is unlocked. Which means you can set it higher than it was set from the factory.
    By changing the base clock you will effect the memory speed, CPU speed, and hypertransport bus speed (CPU to northbridge speed).

    IIRC, a good setup was < 4.0 GHz on air, and ~4.2 GHz on water.

    1. More speed or more voltage = more heat out, more power in.
    2. Small steps, the difference between nice overclock and unstable is a pretty narrow line.
    3. To gain stability while overclocking, you may need to increase the voltage to the CPU, 1.65 - 1.7V is about as high as I would go with your CPU.
    4. If you go to far, you can reset/clear your CMOS and try again.
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