1.65v G.Skill ram 2400Mhz (cheaper) vs 1.5v Corsair 1600Mhz in i5-4690

So, as the title says, where I'm living I could get the G.Skill Ripjaws-X (2x4GB) DDR3-2400 for about $10 cheaper than the Corsair Vengeance Pro (2x4GB) DDR3-1600. The thing is I'm not sure if I should get the cheaper and faster one but operates at 1.65v or the other which operates at the recommended 1.5v. Is it safe to choose the former? I'm planning to use it with the i5-4690
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  1. Depends on what mobo you're using it on eg most amd only take 1866.
  2. Asrock z97 extreme4, which if I read it correctly it supports 2400 ram with OC
  3. Go for 2400Mhz, Voltage is not an issue for that speed, and the extra speed may grant you an extra frame or two.
  4. What cl? Hopefully 10 or better.
  5. Corsair 1600: 9
    G Skill 2400: 11
  6. there's no store in my city that has it in stock. I live outside of the US (Vietnam actually). I tried to look for the Z series too but, alas, nothing :(
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    2400 cl11 will run about as good as cl9 1600
  8. Thanks. Can I OC the 2400 to use it at that speed (or close to) with the i5 4690 which is a non-oc cpu? I tried to google but can only find answer for the k version, which is yes they could be oc'd independently, but that doesn't clarify things much.
  9. To get it running at 2400 all you do is install it and enable XMP in bios. Done.
  10. thank you very much. I'm getting the Gskill :)
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