Error initializing PCI Express NIC bridge. NIC Failure

I recently replaced a dell xps 400 motherboard with a refurbished one. Now my question is, can the motherboard be the cause for me getting this error message:" Error initializing PCI Express NIC bridge. NIC Failure"? Ive replaced everything else with new parts ex: video card, power source, memory, heatsink, even new fans. I went into the bios and disabled the intergrated NIC & still get the same message. Took out the CMOS battery, put it back, same results. Even reset the bios by the jumpers. Nothings working. Is this a case of a faulty motherboard?
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    If the PCI Express NIC bridge is defective, then disabling the integrated Ethernet controller won't help. Return the motherboard and order another one that's been fully tested.
  2. Thank you very much. That's what I was thinking since I was out of options. Again, thank you..
  3. I presume that error occurs at POST and not once the OS is loading.
  4. Yes, it does occur at POST, and when I hit the f1 option, it acts like its loading the OS for about 3 seconds, then the screen flutters and the system restarts..
  5. Replacing the motherboard is the only solution.
  6. Thanks. I know this computer is really old, but I cant afford to out right buy a new one right now. So, its basically a crap shoot to buy a refurbished motherboard. Lucky they're only $50 bucks a pop lol...
  7. One last question. For the dell xps 400 9150 motherboard, is the Pentium d extreme compatible? If not, what's the strongest cpu that can be used?
  8. Since it's defective can't you return it and get a reimbursement? I wouldn't pay $50 for such an old motherboard if it has no warranty at all. At a minimum you want a no DOA warranty and/or a 30 money back as provided by
  9. Orygidal said:
    One last question. For the dell xps 400 9150 motherboard, is the Pentium d extreme compatible? If not, what's the strongest cpu that can be used?

    According to the Pentium D960 is the fastest supported processor.
  10. Yes, I am getting a refund & that is going towards another motherboard. Thank you for the links..
  11. Ok, so I got that motherboard from the link that you recommended, installed it, put everything together, ran nicely!! For about 3 hrs & then it just shut down... I mean it literally just lost power. I went to reboot when it simply beeped faintly & the power button flashed yellow. So, that's all its doing now. Please tell me its not a motherboard issue again lol...
  12. Check the PSU voltages and if they are within specs, then it probably is the motherboard. Bear in mind that you're buying 8 years old motherboards, but you may get lucky and find one that will run for several more years without issues.
  13. So, yeah, it was the motherboard. So, of course I went and got another one lol. Now, the motherboard is functioning, but my problem is, that it keeps rebooting, over and over and over. Shows the windows sign then reboots. Please tell me, this is minor..P.S, I certainly appreciate all your support.
  14. It probably crashes with an error 0x0000007b. Check the SATA controller configuration and if it's set to AHCI, set it to IDE. Have you checked if it boots from a bootable CD or DVD?
  15. The config was set to RAID Autodetect/ATA. When I booted with the bootable dvd, it initially seemed like it was gonna work, but it ended up rebooting again.
  16. Unfortunately you'll have to determine if the issue is a memory module, the motherboard (again), etc. How important is it to get that old system up and running?
  17. Very, as I cannot afford to just buy at one time. In tne memory modules, I have a 2gb then a 1gb then a 2gb then a 1gb. Could that be part of the issue? I thought these motherboards could handle up to 8gb of memory..
  18. The modules are installed in dual-channel mode and that's fine. Download Memtest86+, burn the ISO to a CD and test the memory (presuming the system will boot the CD).
  19. Will do. And in case the disc wont boot?
  20. Downloaded the iso & burned to cd & dvd. Came up "no bootable devices detected. I then switched the boot order to dvd rom 1st, in which it simply kept rebooting. The error code is 0xc0000001
  21. If everything was fine before you replaced the original motherboard and it no longer works, what would you suspect?
  22. Well, the only thing different I did was upgrades: New video card, new wireless adapter, new heatsink, upgraded the cpu to Pentium d 960 & Upgraded memory from 4gb to 6gb.. I would think it would run peak.
    Ok, So I removed 2 gb of memory & now its working on 4 gb. Shit, lol I actually wanted to take it to 8gb, but I thought 6gb would be safe..
  23. Double-check the manual and provide info about the modules (CPU-Z is a good tool to get that info).
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