Can't install Win 8.1. "We couldn't find any drives"

So my friend just built a new fresh pc and when he goes to install windows 8.1 it just shows "We couldn't find any drives" In the BIOS diagnosis and in "list disk" in command, it does not recognize any drives, only the USB.
He has an WD Black 1tb HDD and the Mobo is Gigabyte Z97P-D3
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  1. And you connected both cables to the hdd right?
  2. Yes, Both cables are connected.
  3. bump
  4. Update the BIOS if you can then try again. Does the system support UEFI and secureboot?? If it does are these enabled?

    Is 8.1 32 or 64 bit?
  5. Where do I enable or disable them?
    64 bit.
  6. BIOS
  7. secureboot disabled and I think the system does support UEFI.
    But the hard drive is not even detected in the BIOS.
    Maybe the hard drive is faulty?
  8. Enable both then. Try another SATA port
  9. Enabling them didn't help.
    Different sata port didn't work.
  10. Put the hdd in a working system see if it gets detected. If it does that mobo maybe faulty
  11. Is it possible to connect the HDD to a laptop? Because the only another computer he has is a laptop.
  12. Cant see why not if its got a sata connection

    Altho it may depend on how old the laptop is. And whether it supports hdds up to 1 TB
  13. Go to BIOS...
    Set SATA port to AHCI, reboot you should be able to see the HDD.
    If not, connect a DVD drive to your MB same port. if it sees it... ==> your SATA drive is BAD.
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    The Problem is solved.
    The Hard drive had PCB damage and was not working all that well, after replacing it with a new one it works just fine.
  15. Sweet
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