old pc harddrive transfer to new pc (motherboard, ram and cpu)

Hello, I'm having issues with my new pc. This is what I did.

Built my new pc, Intel 4790k cpu, asus z97-AR motherboard and Kingston 8GB(2x4GB) HyperX Beast memory.
Put in old pc's PSU Corsair 430 CX, DVD writer/reader, and 2 harddrives (a 2TB seagate and a 650GB western digital)
(the Old pc had a pegatron benicia motherboard and I assume the harddrives in bios and windows were installed as IDE)
Old pc was running fine while I was putting together the new one.

I went into bios, made sure the right drive boots and the dvd player boots first.
PC wouldn't load windows, froze on windows welcome screen with the 4 colour dots.

Read some forumes and found out about changing the harddrives to match what windows settings, and I set them to AHIC from SATA.

Windows loaded fine, installed a lot of things itself, restarted. Everything seemed fine. Except the windows - my computer - pc ranking went down from 5.1 from my old pc to 4.9. I knew something was wrong. I turned on XPM in bios to fix my ram, windows was reporting it as 1600mhz not 2400mhz.

I next ran: Windows 7 System Preparation Tool - Sysprep.exe
It also had problems restarting and installing

I reset all the bios settings to default, changed the right harddrive to boot from and the hdd settings to ahic.

It installed devices, said setting up, restarted again and now I have a black screen with and underscore hanging, this same screen showed up in a windowed view while the sysprep was installing and finalizing windows after I set the time,date, keyboard layout and my user name which I put in as Test so as not to use the same one as my actual user account.

Please help me, it's been about 7 years since I put together a new pc, I work a lot and don't have a lot of time during my week to spend dealing with this issue. I have put together pc's fairly often every 2-3 years for a while before that. Thanks in advance for any help !
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  1. Well if you didnt reinstall windows for this mobo, thats what I would do. Putting an old hdd onto a new mobo (without reinstalling windows) is not a good idea
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    Win 7 stores the original hardware config. and expects to see it in order to boot. Did you install the new chip set drivers to the old HD? Even then windows will regard this as a new pc and ask to be re-activated. If it was me, I would buy a new HD (they are not so expensive) and a fresh O.E.M. version of windows. Do a clean install with the old drive disconnected. After fully updating windows and other drivers you can connect the old drive to get your files. You will also need to re-install all software and games. Once you are happy with the clean system and have moved your data, then you can format the old drive and use it as backup or for storing music, pics and similar things. This will free more space on the boot drive. In the end you will save yourself lots of time and issues trying to swap the old system drive in.
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