Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card Crossfire question about 4K

Basicly I already have a Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card an i7 32gb Memory SSD's etc but I was contemplating adding a second card. I use Multiseating software so that 2 people can be connected to the PC at the same time and simultaneously log in and use the pc via a second set of keyboards, mice etc.

I have 3 monitors connected at the moment, 1 via DP, 1 via HDMI and one via DVI. One problem is to assign one user 2 of the displays I would need a second card as you can either dedicate all outputs on the card to one user or split each output to a separate user not give two of the outputs to one and the other to another. Hope that makes sense.

After contacting Aster the software vendor they advised to achieve what I want I need to have a second card.

This led me to think about swapping one of the displays for a bigger one at a higher res. Intention was to swap out a 22" 1920x1080 with possibly a 28 ish inch 4k display. I was looking around and can pick up a AOC 28" "gaming" one for around £380 roughly. My thoughts were that way I could stick to one card but with a larger screen and res have more things open on it at once.

The pc is used for a combination of office work (multiple spreadsheets / web browsing at the same time) and gaming plus general pc use. After reading up on the input refresh rates i know 30hz will be fine for day to day stuff but not for the gaming side of things. I think the Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card says on the box it does 4k and I think its at 30hz? Anyone able to confirm that?

If I got another Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express would it be able to handle 4k at 60hz and still maintaining high settings /fps on games?

If it can it would also solve the multiseating issue.

On a side note would the Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC 4096MB GDDR5 be a better option for the second card? cost wise its only a few quid more.


Other hardware is:

Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Six Core Processor i7-4930K (3.4GHz) 12MB Cache
Motherboard ASUS® P9X79 LE: INTEL® SOCKET LG2011
1st Hard Disk 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD, SATA 6Gb/s (upto 540MB/sR | 520MB/sW)
Memory Card Reader INTERNAL 52 IN 1 CARD READER (XD, MS, CF, SD, etc) + 1 x USB 2.0 PORT
Processor Cooling Corsair H100i Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler

And its running Windows 8.1 Pro

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. Assuming the monitor supports 60FPS at 4K, I believe you need to use the Display Port cable out of the top R9 290 to get above 30FPS. It won't work with a single DVI or HDMI connection.

    That said, whether 2 R290's will keep up at 4K, depends on the game. You almost always want to turn off Anti-Aliasing (AA), as it adds a ton of stress to the cards, and doesn't add much when the resolution is so high anyway. Some other settings may have to be lowered. Even the latest GTX 980's in SLI aren't quite there yet.

    You also want to be sure your motherboard support CF, there's room in the case for 2 full length cards, and you have adequate case cooling. A side case fan or even an internal 120mm blowing on the cards will help. The PSU is probably going to be cutting it pretty close, but should get by.

    If you're going to be running 2 cards, you want the model that ventilates air out of the case better. I believe that would be the Vapor-X, but it's hard to tell just by looking at it. Keep in mind that even a faster GPU, would be down-clocked to match the slower one if they're in CrossFire.

    Another alternative might be to sell your R9, and grab a faster single card, like the 980 GTX. Or to even pick up the R9 295X2 (2 R9 290X's on a single card, with a pre-assembled water cooler).
  2. Also, I would verify that you could use CrossFire (2 GPUs driving one display) AND Multiseating at the same time. I would think you'd have to switch between one or the other.
  3. Thanks for the answers so far. Im leaning now towards just buying a 27" 1080 display for now to replace one of the 22" ones I have then save the cash and see what's about in a few months time. Even if I do that and then end up buying a new GPU / higher res display I the 27" would still be good as 2 of my current displays are 22" so would still be able to make good use of it.

    That said what would your thoughts be on doing a 29" 2560 x 1080 display? Stress on the card will be fine at that res and the extra width would mean I could run 2 apps side by side on it. A cheeky way around the multiseating issue.
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    Just double-check the GPU supports that res (I'm sure it does), and keep in mind it's going to stress the card a "little" harder than 1080p, but probably enough to keep you at 60FPS with the occasional settings turned down.

    My only comment is that some gaming can be annoying at ultra-wide-screen, as the components, or information you need is too far off to the sides of the screen. (A point made worse in surround setups like the one in my profile).

    The Wide Screen Gamers website has a master list of games that are optimized for ultra-wide-screen, and settings and mods that will help get you there if they're not.,d.eXY
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