Bsod 0x0000001E Error

I keep getting this Bsod everyday. I've had it twice tonight during playing CS:GO with a friend. I'm running Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. The PC I'm using is old and was given to me by my Grandad who dosent know much about computers so there could be anything wrong with it. I've ran Bullguard to see if there are any viruses and no, and I've also ran System Mechanic to see if there are any issues and no. Earlier I ran windows memory diagnostic tool which didn't give me any results.

Intel q6600 4 core 2.4 ghz
8800 gtx
4gb ddr3 ram
Asrock motherboard (I forget the model number)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Also the full error code is 0x0000001e 0xFfffffffc0000005, 0xfffff8800a685160, 0x000000000000, 0x00000000000000
  2. Upload the dmp files somewhere then post the link
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    download Slimdrivers and run all updates, look into the manufacturers page for the motherboard (downloads) and get ahold of the latest BIOS version, and flash that BIOS to the motherboard. You can boot into the BIOS to find out the current version, and see if it matches the latest download available on the Asrock website. Keep me posted. Also symantec is crap and ive never heard of bullgaurd... I would use MSE, SpyBot S&D and Malwarebytes in unison for finding viruses and malware.
  4. Thanks for the advice, guys. I've updated all of my drivers with SlimDrivers and everything seems to be fine now. I'm also pretty sure I have the latest BIOS too but if problems persist, I'll look further into it. I had been using other program's to check for outdated drivers but it looks like they were crap haha.
  5. Yeah slim drivers is the only program I know of that Microsoft works with to some extent . I have seen it spur some problems but only if they already existed before hand. 99% of the time slim drivers works great. I'm glad to hear you had success. Did you get rid of bull guard and Norton yet?
  6. Hello, I have the same BSOD problem and I have installed the slimDriver. After i update it, It appears that my laptop no longer has a internet connection bar
    What should i do??!! help
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