Using input from wan with D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router

Is there any way to Use input from wan line along with a D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router which has input as a ADSL line?
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    What are you trying to accomplish?

    You cannot use as it as a router with an Internet connection other than DSL. The D-Link DSL series routers do not officially support or offer any bridging or repeating options so cannot create wireless bridges, repeaters, or access points. You may be able to use it as a switch, but that is not very useful with only 4 LAN ports. The DAP models can be used with the DSL models to extend wireless networks though, but I would not recommend them.

    I think that it is possible to bridge the output from your unit to a different router like THIS if you don't like the router function of the DSL and it is supported in your specific firmware version.
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