USB 2.0 devices do not work in USB 3.0 port

Hi everyone,
I need your help!
I have a notebook Asus X54C with windows 8.1 on it.
The problem is: since I upgraded my windows 8 to 8.1, my USB 3.0 stopped to work with USB 2.0 devices.
USB 3.0 devices work well, they are recognized and speed is high, according with USB 3.0 preformances.
USB 2.0 are not recognized. When I plag in my usb pen or my smartphone nothing happen. Only power supply works since my smartphone start charging, but nothing else.
Device manager does not show anything, and if I plug a bootable pendrive, BIOS either does not detect anything.

Any suggestion?
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  1. Hi Phillip,
    thankyou for your answer.
    Unfortunatly I have installed any of the programs cited in that discussion (Al suite II and Fabulatech USB) and Device Manager does not report any problem.
    I installed windows 8 ex novo several times, installing manually all the drivers, and every time all the USB worked fine.
    After upgrading to 8.1, the USB 3.0 started to work only with USB 3.0 devices, like it is no more compatible with USB 2.0 devices (while the USB 2.0 port still work great).
    Having only one USB 2.0 is driving me crazy!, every time I have to copy something on the pendrive I have to unplug the mouse, and I cannot transfer file between 2.0 devices!!!

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