LAG SPIKES (HIGH LATENCY) in all first person shooter games

Hello all, I am stuck with a horrible latency problem in all fps games for about 6 months

I simply join a server with a low ping on lets say Call of Duty 4, these spikes are completely random, sometimes I only join, it already starts lagging for about 10-30 seconds, my latency shoots up to the 500-999 mark...then goes back down again and gives me about a minute or two of peace and then it starts makes the game unplayable, sometimes, It lags at the perfect moment when im about to get a kill..its so frustrating
im using a Wi-Fi connection, however last year I used the exact same router and ISP, high latency or lag was never a huge problem for me until now, My ping was always low and games played fine.

I don't know where this issue is coming from I have my eye on multiple sources:
- McAfee LiveSafe
- after I port forwarded my router and messed with the router's settings, however I have reset my router to default, the issue still persists
- lots of Wi-Fi devices in my house

however, my dad and my brother play multiplayer games on their PC and they play lag-free and they have the same McAfee Software, so i assume its a problem with my PC
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  1. Oh, I forgot to add, I also had a change of network adapter drivers, last year, windows installed them automatically, not this time, I dont know why, so i had to get one manually, i thought this was the cause too because i found out the driver is outdated however I later downloaded the latest driver and the problem didn't go away
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