Help remove malware.

I've recently had issues with trying to watch Youtube videos, but have had them randomly, and inexplicably jump to an advertisement instead of the video (complete with the "are you sure you want to navigate away?" when I hit the back button or the exit).

So far it's happened 3x and I've noticed a slowdown in loading web pages as well.

I have looked at the URL and it is from a and I do know that it is a malware issue. However, I ran Malwarebytes and SpyHunter (both of which were recommended to me) to try to find and remove it, but both turned up negative results.

Does anyone know how to remove this stupid malware?
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  1. I would say try using hitman pro, its not a free program but they allow a one time scan and it does a really good job. I believe you can also do there 30 trail.

    hitman pro 32bit

    hitman pro 64bit
  2. Thanks, I'll run it and see if anything comes up.

    Edit: I ran it, nothing came up. Interesting.
  3. What browser are you using, and does it happen to other browsers as well?
  4. Orgie said:
    What browser are you using, and does it happen to other browsers as well?

    My primary browser is Google Chrome. and I haven't checked if it happens to other browsers mainly because I only have chrome and IE installed and I have only opened IE once to download chrome.

    I was told that it also changes my search engine? There is no change to my default search engine when I go to settings.
  5. I ran HitmanPro and it didn't turn anything up other than flagging Punkbuster (from EA) as suspicious.
  6. Yeas it always flags the punk for some reason.
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  8. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Sorry it took a while to respond. I went ahead and looked at the video. But I haven't had any issues since my last post. Either way, I'm wiping my computers anyway so I don't have to really care about it anymore, thanks though!
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