PLEASE HELP!! DVD / CD-RW drive does not recognize any disc inserted,no spinning sound.

i have tried:
1. UNninstalling/Reinstalling the drives
2. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the hardware.
3. Deleting the upper/lower filters from the registry
4. Updating the firmware.
5. Run microsoft fix it and it says there is nothing to be fixed.everything is good.
device manager shows up everything working bios the dvd drive is recognized but when trying to boot from ``bootable``dvd nothing happens.when i insert a disc theres no sound of working.the only thing i didnt do is clean the lens.
so,is my dvd drive dead? please help

12gb ram
windows 7 64x
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  1. Possible its dead, the other PC here had the same prob. No matter what I tried it didnt make any sound or read anything either

    So I replaced it. It just died completely
  2. It's most likely dead. Considering how cheap CD/DVD burners are today, it isn't worth fussing over. Just buy a new one.
  3. i know they are cheap but i thought weird the dvd drive working perfectly now and the next minute its dead.
    and without any ``dying sound``;P
  4. Earlier this year, mine did the same thing. I burned a dvd with no problems. A day later it did nothing - no warning signs. I replaced it with a $17 burner and was back in business.
  5. okay..thanks a lot for your answer hawkeye
  6. No problem. report back if you continue to have problems, but I think you covered your bases well.
  7. Best answer
    One way to get around the not being able to load bootable disc is creating bootable USBs. I never use a DVD for things like Windows installs anymore
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