Is EVGA SC ACX Gtx 780 3GB 384-bit a good gpu?

I recently ordered this card and was wondering if it has enough VRAM and bandwidth to run games like Skyrim, BF4, and Gta IV at 1440p ultra settings? I'm pretty much a noob and am building a new pc which consists of:

Intel i5 3570k @3.4 GHZ (planning to overclock later)
Nvidia Gtx 780 3GB
4 GB Ram

So is this setup great for modern maxed out gaming at 1440p? Thanks in advance!!
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  1. It is a great GPU, your build will have no bottlenecks. You should maintain a steady 45-50FPS on ultra (just a wild guess sorry if that's wrong) since this is 1440p instead of 1080p.
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    I have the same card and it's great. I'm running an FX8350 @ 4.5GHz, so our cpu's are comparable, and I love my system. You will want to increase your RAM to at least 8GB, though. A lot of games coming out now are starting to require at minimum 6GB.
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