Are these temps good for stock FX8320 cooler/heatsink.

Im just interested are these temps good for a stock cooler.
CPU : FX8320

Idle: 20-30c
Browser: (youtube,facebook,flash games) 35-43c
Games: 45-55c
Full-Load(Stress testing): 58-61c

Yea in the future im gonna buy another cooler , but for now is this good ?
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    They're perfectly fine. Stock cooler is considered to be insufficient in many cases, but here it's doing it's job just fine, stress temps go into 60s even with af coolers, you're all good.
  2. Glad to hear , they were usualy 5c more on everything , but i added another fan on front of the case to bring air in and looks like it paid off :D
  3. Indeed.
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