Quick question about fan...not working because of temp control or something else?

Hi all, I've just noticed since the cold weather has started that my top mounted Cool Master 200mm MegaFlow seems to not spin after I've powered on, I'm sure it's spinning on boot up, but then it's stationary. After a reboot it's fine...I'm just curious - is it due to temperature control? Or could it be faulty? or perhaps something to do with the MOBO?

I have a GA Z77 D3H, and the fan in question is plugged into system fan 1 - which states:

Pin No. Definition
2 +12V /Speed Control
3 Sense
4 Reserve

I just notice that on this connection you have the speed control, whereas the other sys fan connections have that on pin 4....

SYS_FAN 2/3:
Pin No. Definition
2 +12V
3 Sense
4 Speed Control

Any advice would be great!
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    It is possible that the system is cool enough to not need 'extra cooling', in which case the BIOS should slow down the fan speed, but they usually don't 'stop'. Best bet is to see if you can check MOBO/CPU temperatures, if they are ok I'd not worry about it. If it is somthing on the motherboard I don't know how you'd fix it, but chances are there is another power connector onboard the MOBO, could try using that see if there's a difference. O yes, and if you have any motherboard monitoring software, make sure they are set to spin the fans down.
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