Preinstalled Windows 8 product key invalid when trying to reinstall

I'm trying to create a bootable USB Drive with the Microsoft's tool for Windows 8.1 and when I enter my product key, it says that this key can not be used for a retail version of Windows, but my laptop came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled and when i'm trying this key with the tool for Windows 8, it says it's not valid.

What should I do?
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  1. the version of windows installed on the laptop is a cloned, OEM installation,
    If you are trying to install using a retail disk, you need a retail CD key,
    best option is to get your hands on a OEM disc.
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    Why not use the factory restore feature built into your laptop. Its already installed on your harddrive and you just need to run it and it will reinstall win8 to your laptop.

    How you access it varies with the laptop so if yo let us know which one (laptop) you have then we can help you with that.
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