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i need password of total war rome 2 can u help me?

hey!! i need password of total war rome 2 pleassssse can you help
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  1. I understand that you get one free of charge every time you buy a legitimate copy of the game. You won't get any help with pirated software or any other Intellectual Property theft here at Tom's.

    Have you got the nerve to go into a shop and openly steal a copy? The answer is usually "No" but the effect is the same as stealing a fake code.

    EDIT: Since this is your second attempt at posting the same question, I've closed your other thread. One more try and you're banned from Tom's.
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    wait for a sale my good sir, christmas is coming, black friday. install steam, create an account and wait for games to go on sale, for sure you will find your game at a lower price.
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