Dell XPS 8300 GPU/Video Card Upgrade and PCI express compatibility question

I have a dell xps 8300 and i would like to upgrade the GPU/video card for gaming purposes. specs are listed below:

Dell XPS 8300
Processor Intel Core i7
System Chipset Type Intel H67

Mini-PCI one mini slot
PCI Express x1 three 36-pin connectors
PCI Express x16 one 164-pin connector (obviously a GPU for this)

AMD Radeon HD 6450

460 Watt PSU

From the basic research i have done i found that most GPU's work on later version PCI express connectors. example: PCI express x16 2.0. Also i have heard that nvidia gtx 610 works with this but is that even better than the current card. I am willing to use AMD as long as it is better than the current card. Also i will switch out the PSU if there's no other choice. I play chivalry medieval warfare etc and i would like to at least run nice on medium or medium-low settings. I'm currently getting around or under 20 fps on lowest settings. There could be another problem but i see my GPU activity is around 100%. Please answer some or all of my questions and thank you in advance!
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    You can use a gtx 750ti without a cpu upgrade. Would be a huge upgrade!
  2. reedo_43 said:
    You can use a gtx 750ti without a CPU upgrade. Would be a huge upgrade!

    THANK YOU! that's what i was hoping, but i have a pci x16. I'm not sure if it is compatible with the PCI. It says PCI express 3.0 bus type. i Think my PCI is regular and it isn't 3.0. does it still work?
  3. I will work just fine!
  4. reedo_43 said:
    I will work just fine!

    do you have any proof for that?
    just kidding. thanks for the answer. :)
  5. I'm still dubious though, does anyone have some proof? everything i read online goes against what you said
  6. I would also like to know. As I just purchased a R9 270X and it doesn't not work even with the upgraded power supply. :( I have this same setup. I'm thinking that the Radeon isn't backwards compatible with the older PCI version.
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