Status: 0xc0000428 PC Won't boot Windos 7

Recently I tried to install another hard drive into my pc alongside my original one, which windows 7 is installed on.
This PC came with windows 8, but I installed windows 7 on it instead. I can still boot windows 8 and use the computer but windows 7 has all of my files.

I get an error message that reads as follows:
Status: 0xc000428 Windows cannot verify the digital signature of this file.
I'm booting from the right hard drive, too.

I don't have my windows disc, a flash drive, or a disc to burn an os or anything I can run hiren's bootcd from.

It tells me "press f8 for advanced options" and then it just tries to load startup repair again.

my pc specs are as follows:
asus desktop pc m11ad series
intel core i7-4770s cpu @ 3.10ghz
8gb ram
64bit os

please help.
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    This should help but you're going to need some kind of media to boot from - you may be able to do the second option (Boyans' suggestion) from the Win 8 environment (not sure but don't see why not)
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