Problem Dual boot XP on HDD & Win7 on SSD

I am running an older PC with Win XP pro SP3 on a SATA3 2TB HDD. Asus P5q3 motherboard, Intel CPU E8500, RAM 8GB.

Recently I bought some specialized programs that can run on Win 7 or later and installed Win 7 on an SSD. When I installed the Win 7, the HDD with the XP was connected in the system.

Problem I'm having is when I disconnect the HDD on which the Win XP is, I can't boot the Win 7 even though the BIOS recognizes the SSD on which it's installed.

Can anyone help?
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  1. The MBR is in your HDD, without it no OS will boot, I wonder, why do you need to disconnect the HDD?
  2. How do I get the MBR on the SSD? I need to disconnect the HDD with Win XP so that I can connect other HDD with data that I use for the special program that runs on win 7.
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    As far as I know only with a fresh install you can get the MBR moved (make sure to have connected only the disk you want to have the MBR), perhaps there's a faster, simpler way but you'll have to google around to see if there's such option.
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