installed windows 8.1 OEM on wrong hard drive

Hi, I'm building my first PC and I had both an SSD and regular HD connected in comp. When I loaded the windows disk in it only recognized the HD when choosing where to install. I just went ahead with the install anyway at that point because there wasn't a cancel option.

What is the best way to go about getting windows on the SSD. I know there is software to transfer it but that seems like stuff could go wrong with that.

Could I just unplug the HD and boot up with just the SSD connected and install windows again on that? Then reconnect the HD and reformat it so its blank again.

Would any issue arise from doing it this way? Thanks.
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    Yup just start again remove the hdd install on the ssd

    You can connect the hdd later and format it in windows
  2. Cool Thanks. Do I have to do anything to the motherboard before re-installing. Does the motherboard configure itself to a specific HD or something. Because I installed drivers and stuff on the first install. When would you restore motherboard to factory defaults?
  3. You can select the hdd in the windows setup screen. Where you want to install it. You would have to reinstall drivers again but on the SSD. if any are needed.

    You can do a restore whenever you want, up to you
  4. After windows has been installed on the SSD, and all cables are reconnected turn on the computer and head into the BIOS setup(also called UEFI firmware and modify the boot order so the SSD is first.
    P.S. My advice for installing an OS next time, is to only have the Drive that the OS will be installed onto plugged in.
    Also you may be able to delete Windows from the HDD by going into the hard drive folder and look for the Windows version you have installed(ex. Windows 7 SP1) and delete it.
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