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I have a 128 gb ssd as my primary drive, and a secondary 1 tb hdd for programs/storage. I recently found an old IDE drive and bought a SATA adapter, but it wont read in Windows 8.1. From what I've read, I need to reinstall Windows for the drive to be read. Will I be able to reinstall windows on the SSD but keep the files that are on my secondary drive without clearing it? Or is there another way for the IDE drive to be usable without reinstalling?
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  1. that IDE drive you installed, make sure you formatted that drive. check if he drive shows under manage>Disk Management. Ypu have windows installed on the SSD and extra storage on the 1TB drive, you just conneted a new drive, right? if yes, No changes need to be made to the olders storage devices "SSD,HDD 1TB" you need to format the IDE drive for it to work.
  2. I can't access the drive itself through windows. In device manager, an 'unknown device' is there, and the hardware ids lead me to assume that it is the IDE drive. How should i go about formatting it?
  3. try to format it and see what happens. right click on top of the "unknown device" and click on format.
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