Error 2000-0416 Dell Inspiron Vista

Please can anyone give me some advice!
I used my BF's Dell Inspiron 1545 Vista (which funnily is the exact model as mine but mine is Windows 7, hence didn't pay attention to the VISTA part! :(
I thought it needed Flash Player so I asked him & installed it. I then realized it was making the computer freeze. So I uninstalled it. Tried it again to make sure that was causing the problem. & it was. So uninstalled again.
The next day, computer won't turn on! Ahhhh...
Tried everything but get the blue or black screen after the initial stripy line (with Microsoft written under it).keeps going over & over.
Repair computer
Start normally
Last good configuration (ran it for 3 hours)
Restore BIOS to default settings
& everything else I coukd do safely.

I RAN A DIAGNOSTICS & gives ERROR 2000-0416
Hard drive 0

so far....

Under SATA, there's 3 options;
AHIC (this one is ticked).

Do I need to replace the HDD & more importantly is it my fault!
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  1. it's very unlikely that this was your fault. It sounds like there was an underlying issue to begin with. Installing flash doesn't break hardware. Step one, try to retrieve his data off the drive. If the drive is indeed failing, you want to back up the data as soon as possible.

    Once you're done backing up the data you can try fiddling with it more. It sounds like there's something wrong with the drive.
    With diagnostics software, you may wish to update the BIOS on his laptop too and then go into BIOS and have it load optimized defaults. With a clean slate you can see if the diagnostics tool shows the same result.

    Also, luckily for you, you guys share the same laptop, you can always plug his HD into your laptop and run disk diagnostics, and see if the result is the same. If you have a way to attach his drive to another computer (SATA to USB adapter), you can try running disk SMART on it and see what status that reports.

    If everything still shows the drive as dead/dying, you can try re-installing Windows on it anyways and see what happens. It may just work. If you do manage to install windows on it, idk if I would trust a drive that claims to be failing...
  2. Thank you so much for fast reply.
    He doesn't really have any data to be saved luckily! So that's not an issue.
    & thank you for the reassurance but it just seems odd that it's beeb working fine all these years & as soon I use it, it goes like that?? Anyhow, I thought maybe I installed flash player for windows instead of vista or sth like that??
    Anyhow, focusing on the solution, I don't know how to optimise or update BIOS. there's only the option to Restore to default. I'll have another look after the full diagnostics has finished (I'm losing sleep over it! As I've also already caused some problems with his shower last week also so not feeling useful
  3. No worries, panicking is the worst thing to do in any situtation.

    You can find the latest BIOS here.

    The latest appears to be A14, during the Dell splash screen or in BIOS itself, it should tell you what version he's on.
  4. Thank you so much. I'll look into that & update here. At the moment I'm still running diagnostics so can't do anything.
    PS. Very true. Panic is the worst thing to do in any situation. Very wise.
  5. PS. He has version A05. So I'll find a USB stick & download it & see if I can put it on his computer.
    PS i might also put my HD in his laptop & see what happens. But most people on the net seem to say error 0416 is a driver problem & needs replacing.
  6. driver problem is relatively easy to fix, if you can get the computer to boot (safe mode, something, anything). you can just install all new drivers. If you put your HD into his computer it should just boot up. And more or less prove the rest of his hardware is just fine.
  7. It won't go into safe mode. I left it for about 5 minutes, that line with Microsoft written under it keeps going round & nothing happens.
  8. I just spoke to Dell & they said error 0146 is to do with hard driver & I have to replace the hard drive & reinstall windows!
    Can I put my hard drive on there?
  9. well, if the drive indeed failed. You more or less have nothing to lose now. Go ahead and re-install Windows on top of his old install and see if it works. If it doesn't, well, drive's dead.

    You can always insert your HD into his laptop to see that everything else works fine.

    If you confirm that indeed the drive is dead, you will need to get a replacement HD. Now would be a good opportunity to switch to an SSD if you/he is interested. It would make his computer much much faster. You can also consider switching to Win 7 as well...
  10. That sounds too complicated for me :) I'm not that good with computers! But I have a strong feeling the BIOS update might help? I spoke to Dell today & they confirmed error 0146 is hardware problems. They said I need to replace hardware AND reinstall windows & they no longer have the Vista CDs so I have to get retailer Windows 7 (the Dell Windows 7 won't work) & install that. They also confirmed it's not my fault but it was just that it was on its way out & I kinda triggered it off!!!
    o it's probably much less hassle & expense to just buy another one. This ones old anyways & he only uses it for Skype sometimes & itunes. So I think he's best off with a notebook or sth, no?
    He's gonna ask one of his friends who's a computer expert to have a look & if no joy, then just get a new one.
    Thank you all the same for all your help.
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