Need HELP with PSU problem!

Hello Everybody! I've ran into a problem where I bought my cousin a HP Elite 8000 CMT.

Now the problem is that the motherboard has an unusual power connector. Instead of a 20 pin + 4 pin its a 6 pin + 4 pin connector coming from the PSU. Now I wanted to install a gtx 550 ti on this thing so he can play decent light games on this thing (Roblox, League, etc). But i realized since the motherboard took already the 6 pin power connector there's no where to power up the GPU. My question is if I buy a new PSU and got my self a 6 pin Y splitter would it work to power the mobo and the GPU?

Now I don't want to have to buy a gtx 750 ti because i already bought a gtx 550ti and I also dont want to upgrade the mobo since its hard to find a lga 775 mobo ddr3 ram compatible at a decent price. So I just wanna know if it would work, and if not then i guess Im gonna have to sell the 550ti to get my cousin a gtx 750ti. BTW this was supposed to be a homework computer but he wanted to play some games.

Computer Specs

HP Elite 8000 CMT
Core 2 Quad Q9650 3ghz
4x 2gb DDR3 Ram 1333mhz
HP Default Motherboard
Geforce GTX 550ti (If possible to be solved)
500GB Western Black 7200rpm Sata 3.5"
HP Default PSU 320w

Thank You!
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    Well I would recommend getting a modular PSU. It lets you pick what cables you need
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