[Custom-BUILD] [UPDATED] Looking for a high-end workstation pre-build with great video card, SSD and good amount of RAM

NOTE: I Just changed this for custom build. I think I can get more for my money.

AN IMPORTANT FACTOR IS THAT THE COMPUTER IS NOT LOUD... I would sacrifice a bit for the system being very quiet.


I'm trying to see if I can get a great system, ready to go, with gaming in mind. Of course, the system will not be used for gaming, but I do write computer applications that uses 3D graphics just like in gaming. They key, is what I write is "REAL-TIME" rendering. With this said, I'm not really looking to over clock. I want a good stable system. Here is the budget an requirement.

Budget: No more than 3,000 but preferably 2,000 US dollars.

SSD Hard Drive. 1TB. Maybe Additional Drive for storage.
NVIDIA Card if possible. 790?
Maybe 2 video cards.
32GB of Ram or higher.
Fast CPU. Good for threading as well. Intel i7 I think

I would like to be able to stereoscopic rendering, which requires a bit more that usual rendering.

Just to make it clear... I meant a system that I can buy from ready from a vendor, say dell or any other vendor.

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  1. Best answer This should be enough for your needs in my opinion. (=
  2. Maybe pre-built is not what I think it meant. I was thinking of a system that was ready to buy say from DELL. But I think is better to build a custom one... after all
  3. It is always better to build your own, cheaper, more effectie and you know what's inside.
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