Please Suggest Me Some Good First Person Shooter Games!

Hey guys please suggest me some good FPS games for my PC, I've already played Call Of Duty series, Battlefield series and Crysis series. Please suggest me any other game with good story and gameplay. I've played far cry 3 5 times, i really love that game. Please suggest me some good games?
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  1. I like playing Blacklight Retribution. No story or anything like that but its free and good online game play.
  2. Yes I've heard about that game, well i don't have any internet connection. Is that an online game? Or i can play the campaign in offline mode?
  3. Online only
  4. No it won't work for me as i don't have any internet connection, could you please suggest me some other game?
  5. Half Life 2.

    Portal Series.
  6. Stalker series.
    Stalker Lost alpha (has to be downloaded).
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