What temperature should i be worried about when overclocking an i7 4770K

hi i am in the process of overclocking my i7 4770K.
At the moment i am at 4.3 GHz on all cores at 30 degrees idle and 65 on synthetic benchmark.

Are these temps ok and if so what temp should i stop at.
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  1. Intel recommends 72.72C for max operating temp. Although, they usually take that temp with a T/C embedded under the heat spreader.
    Use this as a guide to monitor core temps:
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    There are several variables which affect the temperatures you may see from your processor. Ambient temperature, core voltage, clock speed and cooling are just a few. The method you use to test your core temperature is critical.

    The short answer is that sustained core temperatures above 80C are too hot for stable gaming or processor longevity.

    If you'd like to learn about processor temperatures, then please read the following Tom's Stick: Intel Temperature Guide -

    CT :sol:
  3. For heavy stress testing like Intel Burn Test, keep under 90C (don't run this overnight)

    For gaming, keep under 80C
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