Budget OCing fx-6300 on MSI 760GM-P34

First things first, can this mobo handle moderate overclocking? (nothing too serious) Can the stock cooler for the cpu work well enough for an overclock to (maybe) 4.3ghz-4.5ghz? I'm also wondering, and don't worry I'm not a fanboy, what I'd have to OC it to so as to not bottleneck a 7970 while playing advanced warfare.

Thanks for any help!

P.S. Sorry for delayed responses, heading to bed and I'm letting the thread sit over night.

Thanks again!
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  1. Forgot to mention that the 6300 is the black edition.

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    A mild overclock may be possible, like 3.8 - 4.0 Ghz on this board and stock cooler. However, if you get to where you need to start turning up the voltage, just stop. That board can't do it and the stock heatsink won't keep up.
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