What's the best graphics card I can get with my old 300W power supply?

I was thinking of getting a gtx 750 or 750ti

My power supply:

Total wattage: 300W

Nominal input voltage range:

100-127V/6A (50-60Hz)
200-240V/3A (50-60Hz)

The rest of my build:

a8-3850 (100W)
4gb ram
1tb HDD

I don't want to crossfire.
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  1. gtx 750ti
  2. Anyone else?
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    symphonicfinale said:
    Anyone else?

    The 750 Ti is pretty much as good as it gets on that PSU. Plus you wouldnt want to go higher due to your APU.
  4. Like other said, 750ti or even 260X.
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