Laptop suddenly unable connect to internet with wireless. Devices all OK

Laptop suddenly can't access internet thru wireless. Will only work with direct ethernet connection. Happened suddenly.. one moment it was fine, the next it wouldn't connect.

1) Device is working properly
2) Have disabled then re-enabled all installed network adapters
3) Unplugged the router, waited 5 min, then plugged it back in.
4) Rebooted laptop
5) Other computer *can* access internet thru wireless.
Diagnostics tells me to connect the ethernet cable.

Do I need to replace my internal wireless adapter?
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  1. Have you checked the wireless adapter driver? Tried booting in safemode with networking?
  2. Driver up to date. Haven't booted in safe mode yet. I will need to disconnect ethernet cable for that, won't I?
  3. Yes, otherwise wired takes priority over wifi.

    Laptops have a physical switch or a keyboard combination button that disables wifi card. Check that.

    One other thing to check is to see if the antenna leads came off of the wifi card.
  4. Thanks so much for responding. Turns out the problem was the one (simple) thing I hadn't thought of first. The wireless switch somehow turned itself off. Don't know how that can happen, but it's back on now & working fine. Have a great day!
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