Switch User Screen, Black background/frozen?

Hello all! I tried searching for the problem I am experiencing, but no luck.

Basically, I am the unofficial "IT" for my business. We have professional IT, but they are contracted to provide server backups, email, and they are our ISP. I am kind of the IT "handyman" at my business (I have 6 month experience as helpdesk technician).

One of our employees rushed me to her laptop to find this problem

When I hover my mouse of "switch user" and the 'ease of use" button, it changes appearance (becomes slightly brighter) as expected. The background is also black, not the default blue(?) theme of Windows.

Clicking them does nothing.

There is only one user on the computer and it is not appearing (as shown in image).

I had to restart the computer (hold power 6 seconds) to get out of the screen.

Any advice on what is causing this? Her computer has other quirks that led me to recommend reinstalling windows, but my boss is afraid to do this without consulting their IT.

She uses microsoft office, internet, FTP, and email. So I do not see what the issue with reinstalling Windows - assuming I backup all her files on external or something.

Thanks in advance all!
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  1. For the black background you can try to add a background through registry

    Run > regedit > navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

    click on wallpaper and change the path to another image.

    Have you tried deleting her profile and logging her in again? when deleting her profile you will need to re add her outlook profile btw

  2. Thanks for the reply. If I delete her account, what other settings will be reset? Is there anything else I need to configure besides Outlook?
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    When I delete profiles that the only thing i need to do at my company, but obviously it may be different for yourself/company.

    So when deleting a profile it only clear the local settings i.e program data like outlook. roaming data like Documents and files would follow the user from the server (if your server is setup like that).

    C:\Users\"Name of user"\AppData\Local is where you can see what programs in the local profile.

    hopefully that makes some sense.

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