Windows 7 laptop cannot access the Internet through a wireless network while primitive Android device can

My Windows 7 laptop cannot access the Internet through a home-based wireless network.

Screenshots have been added here in an attempt to make the problem clearer.

Other devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones can access the Internet through this network without any problems. Why can't my Windows 7 laptop computer? I have, in vain, resetted the router and access points without any long term success.

I look forward to hearing your solutions to this problem. Btw, Windows reports that all of its WiFi adapters are working properly.

Kind regards,

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  1. If it says that there is no internet connection and is shows network as public means that router cant give an ip adress.There are some reasons for this to happen. Try checking if windows is set to have cusom ip adress.

    1.Open control panel
    2.Network and sharing center
    3.Change adapter settings
    4.Manage Wireless Networks
    5.Right click on your network
    6.Select Properties
    7.Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4
    8.Make sire if Obtain IP address automaticly AND Obtain DNS server address automatically are checked. If not check them both.
    9.Click OK
    10.Click OK again.
    11. Make a restart to be sure.

    Try this and if it doesnt work tell me i can give you more possible fixes.
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