is it better to use 8pin + 6pin PCI on one cable, or 6pin PCI + 2x molex 8pin on a seperate cable?

i am using a mushkin enhanced volta 650w that writes +12v combined up to 44a on the P/S, with a AMD R9 290 and i find there is sorta a slight weird smell, almost like a mild plastic burning smell. but nothing is burning and computer does seem to be running stably.

the P/S has 8pin and 6pin free for use with the video card but they are on one cable. is it better to just use this or use the 8pin 2 molex adapter on another free cable?

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  1. Not sure that Mushkin Enhanced 650W can run her properly. Which model of R9 290 do You have?
  2. sapphire r9 290 battlefield 4 edition (normal), with reference blower cooler design
  3. They suggest following:

    750 Watt Power Supply is required.
    1X150 Watt 8-pin PCI Express power connector is required.

    But it's hard to tell. It supports 2 x 6 pin, whereas Your GPU would require an adapter [2 x 6 pin to 1 x 8 pin, get it on ebay for few bucks, or anywhere]. Not sure if it'll keep Your system stable, it should, but...
  4. so would u say its better to use 1 cable from the powersupply , or seperate cables?
  5. For the sake of safety, I'd go for the molexes - since I have no deeper experience with that PSU, eventhough the PSU should be able to reroute the power into the single rail.

    though, according to hunter315, there's no difference on new power supply units.
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    I'd not use both connectors on the same wire series. The wires themselves are not large enough Guage to handle the kinds of amperage draws both connectors will pull together. Run the single 8-pin and 2x-molex to 6-pin adapter.

    Better yet, buy a real gaming psu, any high quality 650w or higher if not so good quality. Gaming psu's will come with all the correct connectors for a high end gpu application.
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