ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 with AMD 4 GHz AM3+ FX-4300 FX-Series Four-Core Edition and Corsair Value Select 4GB X 2 1600 DDR 3 RAM

I am planning to build the below configuration
AMD 4 GHz AM3+ FX-4300 FX-Series Four-Core Edition
Value Select 1600 4GB X 2 DDR3 Slots

Kindly do let me know if the above configuration will give me the best performance or areer any changes required. Thanks, Jigar
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  1. I recommend to get other brand PSU, and the VIP 600w SMPS maybe not good enough, because I can't find any info for it.
  2. Hi cin19 thanks for the update . . . can you suggest a good PSU and for the 600W SMPS I have provided the link below. I had selected this config as it best fits my budget and didnt get any negative feedback on any of the parts.
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    Sorry, I am unfamiliar with that brand PSU, if you have to buy from there. You may try to the pcpartpicker or amazon, and also check the PSU tier list too
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