Only C drive showing and other 3 drives not showing :(

I Have a pc system with i3. In windows 7 32-bit.
After using symantec recovery disk. change partition menu.
My Hard disk drives missing - Only c drive is visible in my computer :( And other 3 drives showing in Disk management tool.
But without any letter :( and no option to back :(
What i do ????
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  1. Hey rayanrajpoot. What does it say about the partitions in Disk Management? Have you tried to assign the drives new letters? Here's a link with info on how to do that step by step:

    Hope that helps.
  2. Thankx for ur reply @Boogieman_WD
    But i try this already and not working on me :(
  3. Hmm that's a bit odd, having in mind they don't have any assigned letters, this should have fixed the issue. What do you see in Disk Management? Are the partitions OK? It would be helpful if you could post a screenshot. Are those other "3 drives" 3 different partitions of one drive or 3 different HDDs? You could also run a complete scan after you update your anti-virus program's database to make sure it's not some kind of a virus or malware. You could also try connecting the drive/drives you are referring to, to another computer to see if the same thing happens again.
  4. Most likely corrupt partitions try to use this software,


    Are you sure the drives are not set with read only attribute? try to change drive letter in command line,
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