Need help in finding parts of what I should up grade to.

I need help in finding my bottleneck and what part that I need to upgrade, because the more and more I look at my parts the less it seems like I really need to upgrade yet in games like BF4 there is lag and crashing. my parts go as...

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 black edition

Motherboard: MIS Model 890FXA-GD65 (MS-7640)

Ram is 8 gigs of DDR3

Graphics is AMD Radeon HD 6850

The more and more I compare my pc specs to other hardware like the I5 the more frustrated I get because the specs seem the same. at this point I don't know what to do, I can't play bf4 because I play it is like every min there is lag that causes me to lose a firefight, or I crash every other game, or when I go into the menu. i've tried to look up my problems in the game online and I can't find anything related to it. so I just want to know what I need to upgrade and what would be the best UP grade from it without going crazy on the price. My parts are 4 years old and I want to be able to play that game that I spent 120$ on.
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  1. Hello!

    Could I have some more info about the exact specs of all your components including CPU clock speed and HDD info?

    Also your exact GPU would be great as there are a few floating around!

    Would that be ok?

  2. Best answer
    Specs may seem the same ,but are not.An i5 is way faster than that phenom,also is your gpu quite old so go for lower graphics settings or get a better one.
    You could upgrade the cpu on that motherboard to a Fx 8350/8320 and that would help,you would need the latest bios for that.At least this way do you not need a new motherboard.
    Also like said the gpu needs an upgrade,but tell what you budget is and of you have money to upgrade both.
    The gpu upgrade is the most important imo,you could try to overclock the cpu.

    Also give some info about the psu when you want to upgrade,like maker/model/wattage.
  3. Lag in general is caused by your internet connection and not necessarily by your system. If your system is crashing and/or hanging/stuttering, then there is something wrong with it. Do you have the same problems when you play other games? Do you experience 'lag' when you play standalone/non-mmo games?

    Also if you want to upgrade, do you have a budget set? What components are you looking to replace? All of it including case, or just the motherboard and cpu?
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