Need help on a new mother board.

Well I was about to purchase a Asus z97-A but the price jumper to $160. Should I wait for the board to drop back down? I need a board that will work with my i7 4790k. I do not like MSI as I had issue with their CS. I saw the Asrock Z97 Fatality z97killer and the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 LGA 1150 Z97 115dB SNR HD for 120-135 any good? Any suggestions on boards?
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  1. Z-97X gigabyte's board is really decent bro,definetely worth it, Z97-A performance class.
  2. Asrock Z97 Extreme 4
    also Killer is of high qualty
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    I like the Killer also, though I prefer the Asus A model ;) (I know, not a lot of help, sorry ;)
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