I need help with Overclocking my 1st budget gaming PC build

Hey folks,

I just built my first budget (gaming) PC, and although I understand overclocking I don't know how to do it. I appreciate any help in doing so. My goal is to have the CPU running at a stable 4+ghz to get the most out of the system graphically. Here's my build:

1. MSI A78M-E45 motherboard
2. AMD Athlon 760k cpu
3. Arctic A11 CPU cooler
3. G. Skill 16 GB ram (8gb x 2)
4. Sapphire Radeon R7 260x 2GB ram GPU
5. Corsair CX600 psu
6. Western Digital Black 1TB
7. A couple of extra case fans to keep it cool.

I've tried using the OC GENIE at the BIOS screen but it says it can only be used with a K-series cpu??? How can I overclock it manually (and safely) to achieve my desired results?
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    a corsair CX psu is NOT ideal for overclocking. play around with MSI Afterburner for CPU OC'ing
  2. It appears your CPU is a "K" series CPU, so I am not sure why the motherboard won't let you overclock. Maybe you can use AMD Overdrive to overclock your CPU? I usually recommend not using software to overclock, but if you cant get your BIOS to let you, then even a software overclock is better than no overclock.
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